BNW's Software Development Lead Milos Vukosavljevic

Milos Vukosavljevic is Inbox IT Solutions' Founder and Partner, and BNW's Software Development Lead

Inbox IT Solutions is the one software development agency from Belgrade, Serbia, established in 2000 / with a team of 50 plus full time professionals / Who knows our clients' businesses well enough to address problems early before they grow.

Inbox Solutions has developed their own propiretary Shadow framework for premium web solutions. They are creating the digital future, but also the reality of today.

Inbox is an experienced, motivated and passionate group of developers, designers and managers who have only one goal - to create IT products and solutions that users will enjoy and love. They operate as a mid-size firm, which gives us greater flexibility over larger competitors and helps us stay ahead of the constant changes in the digital world.

With twelve years’ experience in providing professional front-end designs and back-end programming, Inbox cultivated and refined an own proprietary methodology to make sure the entire rollout process runs smoothly and with the highest quality outcome. During the development, their dedicated teams guide you through the process, giving you a complete overview of the projects’ flow. As no two projects are ever the same, Inbox customizes their engagement models to meet BNW's clients' specific needs. Inbox provides web design and development, MacOS and Android application development and Cloud Computing to many of the most reputable global businesses.

Their proprietary Shadow framework is a Java based framework for rapid development of web oriented business solutions like ERP solutions, high-complexity platforms, news portals, e-government portals and complex e-commerce solutions. The Shadow framework main characteristics are: Java based, modular architecture, API ready, websocket support, data binding, advanced form validation, support for multiple database engines (MySql, Oracle, MsSql, PostgreSql), scalability and security.


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