Client focused approach “Enable, Advise and Implement”

BNW has established a client focused approach of “Enable, Advise and Implement” to provide rapid access to the tech world of start-ups - featuring technology concepts, market intelligence, and subject matter expert capacity, to start and successfully implement a start-up's branding and digital marketing needs from zero (POC, MVP) to first market communication launch.

 • Enable: New business owners are (almost) never knowledgeable brand owners. This is a huge business problem, as in today’s marketplace technology is (almost) self understood, so that the brand really makes the emotional difference that ensures success.

Both start-ups and/or implementation operations of new technologies by established businesses have one common factor: Being fully focused on tech, and to a huge degree not being prepared for the real market with the real consumers, from whom the market success depends as final instance.

Addressing this problem, Brand New World educates C-level clients about the business steps and methodology of brand foundation, brand- and market- communication, target audiences, PR and the marketing management of start-ups.

• Advise: Assisting C-level clients to identify opportunities and take educated business strategy decisions to stay competitive.

Depending on your challenge, our solution will be a branding solution, a social media solution, a content solution, a tech solution (website, App), a multi- channel digital marketing campaign, a traditional advertising campaign solution (TVC, print) or a total innovation solution.

The solution is always one: your success, delivered via a unique, tailor made strategy created for you. Regardless if your offer to the world is a service, a product, or managing a community, whether you only just start, or already need change, you will always need a good old-fashioned story to stand behind your idea, and we will tell it to the whole world for you.

• Implement: Bringing client’s missions to life across all communication touch-points, transforming it digitally or off-line, across every B2B or B2C touch-point.

We deliver: Branding / Strategic Consulting / Business Consulting / Start-up Support & Development / Trend Forecasting / Digital Marketing / Software Development / Graphic Design / Advertising / Architecture & Design Consulting / Urban Development / Events & Conferences / Exhibitions & Promotions / Retail Concepts / Packaging Design

Our key argument: Not many globally operating creative and consulting agencies have the tech start-up know-how we have.

Following our mission is to keep start-ups competitive, Brand New World enables them to run their business faster, cheaper and safer worldwide with a three steps tailor-made offer:  

1. Step: Branding & Marketing Consulting

- Getting Started with Client, Brand Insight and Brand Audit
- Clarifying needs and objectives
- Analysing target audiences
- Defining budget, project timeline
- Briefing of creative team

2. Step: Branding & Marketing Concepting

- Brand Strategy Concepting
- Identity Design, Website UX & Development & Copywriting
- Enabling a USP PR & Advertising Launch Campaign
- Digital Marketing Analysis with Tailor Made Strategy
- Establishing Key Performance Indicators

3. Step: Branding & Marketing Implementation

- Company & Investor Brochure Production
- Brand Concept production
- Production of Ad Campaign Artefacts / Key Visuals
- Digital Marketing PR A& Media Recommendation
- Digital Marketing Media Planning
- Digital Marketing Media Buying
- Strategy optimisation
- KPI measurement

In contrast to our standard, tailor made branding approach featured above, as part of our new inititative for 2020 we offer low cost and fast turnd around package deals for start-ups. BNW developed three distinct BRANDING SPRINT PACKS for three different budgets, to get start-up's off the ground in no time with a cool mix of Branding and Digital Marketing services, with a special 50% discount. Find your own best suiting Brand New Start-up Sprint Pack below!

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